Since the first day in business as a Crystal & Spiritual gift shop, Spiritualicious has been offering customers a great selection of products at affordable prices.

Recently I've made some changes because I've  realized that more and more people are wanting to invest in their spiritual health and wellbeing as a means of building a life with balance and stability to navigate the natural (and sometimes unusual) stresses found along the river of life.

I offer Psychic Services and Health & Wellness Therapies primarily but throughout the year I add gift items such as Crystals, Candles, Jewellery and other ethically sourced items that you can purchase through the website.

I am a Reiki/Master Teacher and currently offer Distant Reiki & Soul Guidance as well as Reiki Courses.  Please contact me for more details if you'd like to find out more about how to take your Reiki education with me. 

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