Personal Astrology Reading: £59.97 
Add another person: £74.97

Having a detailed astrology report compiled is a great way to learn more about ourselves and others.  Even things that bother us about our own, or someone else's behaviour; habits and emotions can be easily explained when we take a look at astrology.  This can be hugely helpful as we learn how subtle influences of planets and chart positions can affect a great deal including; life path and purpose, soul lessons and even why some people show up on our path.  With greater understanding comes more wisdom as well as the gift of knowing how to manage our relationships effectively.

At Spiritualicious you can choose to have your own personal astrology chart produced and interpreted along with psychic guidance to help you to discover more about yourself as well as others in your life if you choose to add another person when you book in.  

An Astrology report with psychic guidance can help to unlock information around life choices such as; work, personal relationships, as well as lessons we may be here to learn in this lifetime.  It can also give us information about previous lives and things that we may have learned from them. 

To make your booking click on the link below.  You will be given the option to choose a date and time for your Astro Reading Report which will take place either by telephone or over Google Meet Up.  Please make sure you complete the booking form with the information required.  If you choose to add another person to your booking, you will be sent a pre-payment request for an additional £ 15.00.