Caring for your Candles.

When you invest money in a good quality candle, you want to make sure you're getting the maximum burn time out of it whilst making sure that you're not getting smoke coming off it. Issues can arise with any candle, no matter how much money you spend on it, unless you do a little bit of maintenance and it's worth giving your candle a little bit of care otherwise what started out as a treat can become a disappointment.

How do I stop my candle from 'Tunnelling'?

One of the most common issues with candles is 'tunnelling' where the candle burns unevenly and eventually ends up burning down in the middle and leaving walls of hard wax around the circumference of the flame. Tunnelling wastes all the beautiful scent and eventually your candle may not be able to light properly if at all.

The first time you burn a candle is the most important as this sets the memory for the candle. An uneven burn will cause problems right from the outset, so the first time you light your candle you should wait to put the flame out until the whole of the top surface has become liquid wax. If the first time you burn your candle you only allow the central part of the surface to liquify, this is what will happen each time you burn it thereafter, causing tunnelling. You can estimate how long you should burn your candle the first time to one hour per every inch the candle is wide across the top. So, as a rough estimate, you might need to burn a 4 inch wide candle for 4 hours initially to make sure you've set it properly. Try to avoid shorter burns thereafter that don't liquify the whole surface if you can but you also shouldn't have to burn your candle again for hours to prevent tunnelling.

How do I stop my candle from giving off smoke and soot?

A candle will start to smoke and give off soot if the wick is too long. When you burn your candle, the wax nearest to the wick melts first and is pulled up through the wick to feed the flame. If the wick is too long it upsets the balance of heat and fuel which causes a chemical reaction leading to smoke and soot belching from the candle. Not only can you smell the sootiness but your walls and ceiling can become discoloured with the soot. If you notice that your candle is giving off soot or the flame appears to be too high or dancing wildly, trim the wick by a couple of millimetres and this should return the burn to normal. Also, when you extinguish your candle use something to snuff the candle with rather than blowing out, which can make the extinguished wick smoke.

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