How to choose your Tarot deck.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Choosing a deck of Tarot cards is a very personal experience. Most people will choose more than one deck to work with and these choices can be purely based around liking the look of the deck; the pictures on them can be very appealing, but whether or not we harmonize with that particular deck and know intuitively how to work with the cards in it, can be quite another thing. Practise can help along with reading the interpretations of the cards provided in the handbooks, but we need to be able to 'feel' or 'sense' what a card may mean beyond the written explanations and develop a personal understanding of each card in order to be able to apply them to real life situations.

Being able to work with Tarot cards so that we can glean information and guidance from them is not an experience that is limited only to those who work in the psychic reading profession. Anyone can learn to use Tarot cards and these days we're seeing more decks of cards being used in a variety of settings for reasons other than predicting someone's future. One recent addition to the variety of cards in circulation has been produced by the polytechnic university of Milan who have designed a deck of cards based on the archetypes of the classic tarot combined with Gestalt psychology to be used in the work place for personal growth, idea generation and during meetings to help members focus on the topics being discussed. It's a novel concept to adapt them for use in the workplace because working with the hidden psyche and encouraging people to be open to creative ideas motivates them to work beyond ego-based principles.

Simply put; tarot cards are a tool that can help us to get in touch with the roots of any situation - past or present - and see the fundamental issues at the heart of it that may have caused a certain outcome. In this way, we can reach a greater understanding of a situation or experience, our place in it as well as the behaviour and motivations of others and through drawing all of this information together we can either find peace or another way to act in order to experience a different outcome in the future. Of course, the more you work with the cards, the deeper your understanding goes and once we start getting into future predictions...well, the World's your oyster...or rather the cards are!

If you have never used a deck of tarot cards before, then I suggest that you buy a deck of Oracle Cards rather than a weighty deck such as the classic Rider Waite deck. Honing your intuition is the place to begin when you want to open up to using the cards and the great thing about an Oracle deck is that each card can have one subtle meaning that will link to an area of you life. Try drawing one card per day and at the end of that day consider how the meaning of that card has aligned with the experiences that you've had. In this way you learn how to interpret that card when you draw it again in the future; you'll know what experiences you're likely to have that day - how you may feel, what may happen in your personal relationships etcetera.

The more you practise, the more confident you will become and the greater your ability to work with other decks of cards. You might find that you will always have one favourite deck that you prefer to work with, for example, I favour the Lenormond decks because they have one clear image on each card and are placed in a spread so that they can be read in combination with each other, giving me quite an accurate interpretation of what I'm likely to experience on my path over the coming weeks ahead.

All the decks of cards sold by Spiritualicious have been selected because we feel that you'll have the best experience working with them. We sell some beautiful Oracle Cards that we're sure you'll love as well as Classic decks such as Vision Quest Tarot Cards - The Native American Wisdom and Lenormand tarot cards. Our experience has taught us that learning how to read cards from the most basic designs such as playing cards, up to the classic decks is the way to develop your ability if you decide that you would like to work as a professional card reader.

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