How To Use Your Pendulum

Our pendulums are beautiful items just to keep on display, especially if you're a crystal lover but pendulums also have a practical purpose if you're interested in the mysteries of scrying, divination and healing.

A pendulum is a delicately balanced item that, when hold by the top of the chain, will begin to move (usually in circles, backwards and forwards or left to right) without any obvious attempt to move it on your behalf. Familiarising yourself with the movements that the pendulum makes is the beginning of getting to know or understand how to use it. Initially you should start by asking the pendulum to answer 'yes' or 'no' to questions that you already know the answers to. For example, if your hair is blonde, ask the pendulum, 'is my hair blonde?' and notice which way your pendulum moves as the answer will be a 'yes'. It may move clockwise, anti-clockwise, forwards or backwards. It may pull out to one side or another. Whatever happens, record the direction it moves in, then ask the pendulum a question to which you know the answer is 'no'. So, for example if your eyes are brown, ask the pendulum 'are my eyes blue'. Record the direction the pendulum moves in this time as this will be it's 'no' direction. Practise a few times in this way before you move on to asking more adventurous questions if you're looking for guidance about which way to go in in life when it comes to work, love and friendships.

There are theories as to how a pendulum works but I find it best to think of it as an item that can tap into your intuition as well as your subconscious mind. They can also help us to tap into the energy of other people and one of the ways that we can use them for this is during healing practises such as Reiki sessions. To use them for this purpose; once the recipient of your treatment is lying on a couch, hold the pendulum over each Chakra point on the body and record which direction the pendulum moves in. It is during healing sessions that you may notice more that occasionally the pendulum might move out sideways, as though a magnet is pulling on it. The more you use your pendulum over another person, the more it may demonstrate a method of passing on information about the health and wellbeing of the body and mind of the person you're working on. As mentioned before, make sure you record the movements it makes over each Chakra and over time you will be able to build an understanding of what these movements may mean regarding the person you're working on and any imbalances they may have either physically or emotionally than you can include in your Reiki treatment plan. For example a clockwise circular motion may mean 'positive health', an anti-clockwise movement may mean 'something's a little out of balance here'.

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