How to use your Titania Fortune Tarot Cards - a much sought after and increasingly rare deck.

Updated: May 27, 2021

Buying a new set of tarot cards to add to your collection can be a joyful experience, but if you're not familiar with how to use the deck then eventually they end up being shoved in a cupboard and not used very often. I know this because I have a few sets of my own that I've

bought because I fell in love with the beautiful artistry on them rather than having the knowledge and experience of how to use them. I've learned that you have to literally bond with a deck to understand the messages each card has for you in real-life terms. Most card readers that I know have their own preference as well as to which type of deck they like to use. Some will use Rider Waite, others may prefer Angel cards or Astrology cards, which is why when someone reads their cards for you in person you'll notice their pack is usually looking a bit dog-eared and faded.

The Origins of the Titania Deck.

Titania Fortune Cards are based on Marie Anne Lenormand's deck of 36 cards. Lenormand was a French, professional fortune teller who achieved great fame during the 18th Century and is heralded as being the greatest cartomancer of all time. Lenormand cards are designed to be used as Tarot cards but they have a very practical focus on what things are likely to happen and why rather than delving deep into the psyche or past experiences of a person. For this reason they are, in my experience, the best deck to use when you want to predict future outcomes.

A much sought-after and increasingly rare deck of cards.

The Titania Fortune Deck that Spiritualicious sell are more vibrant than the original decks that were printed. These are now very hard to get hold of and exchange hands for hundreds of pounds but they are no different to the decks that we sell in terms of the images on each card and the interpretations. The deck is presented boxed and inside a hard-backed book containing guidance on how to use layouts or spreads.

A Quick Guide on how to use them.

One of the beauties of this deck is that you can use them to read for yourself without too much trouble. They can offer immediate insight into what might be the outcome of a certain situation for you, or even what motivates the behaviour of others so that you can develop more understanding of how to handle difficulties within a relationship. (I do suggest that you don't use them to snoop on others though, it's highly unlikely that these cards would work in a shady manner however, they tend to be quite understanding of the imperfections of human nature.) Please note that although I stick to some of the basic interpretations of each individual card - I have developed my own knowledge of them and what they mean to me so some of my interpretations may not precisely reflect those provided in the book's instruction manual.

1. Give the cards a good shuffle, focus if you like on a question you have in mind such as 'what's in store for me this month?' or a simple, 'do you have any messages for me?' will do.

Once you have shuffled, lay the deck on a surface in front of you and draw 9 cards from it taking the ones you feel 'pulled' towards picking up.

2. Lay the cards out one at a time, try to lay them out as you've drawn them so the first card you chose is no.1 the second card is no. 2 etcetera.

Once the cards are turned over you automatically start to get some sort of reference as to what the card reading means or who it could relate to, but how do we put this information together?

Each card in the deck has it's own personal meaning; for example the Anchor represents stability or holding something in one place, but when it's placed in combination with other cards - in this case the Ship and the Road, then it is more likely to mean that someone has been on a journey (either literally or spiritually) that has come to an end and they have found somewhere to settle. In this case they have settled in a house that they love (the Heart) which may be located near to water (the Ship which can represent coastlines, rivers, canals) which could bear some relation to their childhood (the Child). The Book on one side of the Man and the Garden on the other also tells me that this man may be a writer or has some literary talent or he may be someone who has been studying something because the Book and Garden in combination relate to study/education or even writing about a specific subject such as health and healing because the Garden can relate to wellbeing.

So now we've drawn these first 9 cards I already have a feeling that I know who this person is, but in order to be certain I'm going to ask the cards who he is. So I choose the Man and place him in position no.1, then I return the rest of the cards to the deck and give the deck a good shuffle again. I then draw at random another 8 cards and place them in the spread, doing exactly as I did previously, one after the other without turning them all over first and picking where to put them (never do this because it isn't necessary - you have to develop trust in the deck that they will offer you clear information because they will!)

So here I have more information about who this male is which helps me to identify him as the person I thought it probably was when I drew the original 9 cards. This man is mature or grown (the Tower which represents structure, strength) and has studied for many years as a healer and writer (the Garden and the Book). I feel that the Fish and the Letter relate to some news coming to him that will present him with an offer or opportunity to make money (the Fish represents money) perhaps getting some work published. The presence of the Child, the Coffin (which represents blocks or delays in this situation) and the Bear tell me that he has been planning or actively gathering information to write this book since he was quite young (the Child could represent him at the age of 10 for example) and worked on it more through his teenage up to early 20's (the Child and the Bear in combination represents a young person who's reached maturity) and the Coffin placed in between the Child and Bear tell me that the time is drawn out or delayed so the period spans a few years so they're trying to tell me he's been doing this or planning and studying for it for years of his life.

How do I read about topics specifically related to me?

In order to do this you need to choose the card that closely relates to the subject you wish to know about. For instance, if you want to focus on a house move, select the House as card no.1, then shuffle the remainder of the deck and pull 8 more cards out to lay in your 9 card spread. If you want to ask questions about a person in your life, select the Man, the Woman or the Child as card no. 1 and shuffle the pack before drawing out your next 8 cards. If you want to ask about a job or work then select the Lilly as card no.1 and shuffle and draw another 8 cards.

How do I read the cards for someone else?

If the person is physically present with you then ask them to shuffle and draw 9 cards to begin with so that you can give them a general forecast. If they want to know about a specific person or topic, find that person or topic in the deck as suggested above, then give them the deck to shuffle and ask them to draw another 8 cards. You don't have to give them the deck at all however, especially if you sense that the person you're reading for is anxious or upset which can occasionally disturb the energy of the cards. Simply having the person in your mind or on the end of the phone if not in your presence is enough. Spirit will help to support you whilst you do a reading for them. Once again, it is trust and developing the ability to trust the deck of cards, your Soul's wisdom along with the guidance of Spirit if you are okay with being open to this as a concept that will help you to work with the cards and provide accurate readings. If you are reading for someone else then having them give you a simple 'yes' or 'no' when you are presenting them with information that you feel you are interpreting from the card spreads is helpful but try to prevent them from giving you too much information. Some people are very invested in their own stories or expectations and will try to take over and start interpreting for themselves or changing the outcomes to what they believe may happen but you must learn to be firm and give the information 'as you see it' to the best degree possible in order to develop your intuition, perception and trust in your own ability.

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