The Magic and Mystery of Crystals.

Crystals are minerals, formed underground from three-dimensional repeating patterns of atoms. They are the very definition of chaos becoming order and because they are from the Earth and by virtue of this - plucked from a life-form; they contain the residual power of the planet. There is much debate about whether crystals are 'alive' or just able 'grow' by repeating patterns and indeed whether or not we can class our planet as a living being and some consideration isn't a bad thing when you're wondering whether or not buying a crystal could help you in some way or should it just be considered to be a pretty thing used for decoration. Too much reading though is likely to have the effect of overwhelming you with opposing theories and you could end up feeling confused. My advice would be that you have to consider how a crystal makes you feel personally in order to know whether or not it can help you.

My experience of the power of crystals began when I was ten years old and bought myself a ring with a moonstone set into it with my pocket money when I was on holiday in Wales. I put the ring on and it was beautiful, I loved it, but within a few hours I'd started to feel really weighed down and unhappy, then a bit later on nauseated. I didn't connect this with the ring because it sounds strange now but at ten years old I didn't have any insight or experience into crystals so I didn't associate the way I felt with the ring I was wearing. By the end of the holiday I did though, every time I wore the thing I felt awful. As soon as I took it off I started to feel better. I threw it into the sea eventually!

Years later when I started working as an holistic therapist someone bought me a necklace with a shard of Selenite set into it and I used to wear it when I was working. I noticed that after wearing the necklace I felt more energised than I did normally after my shifts. Coupled with the fact that some people who came for their appointments were incredibly stressed and we do tend to pick up off other people's energy, I was also working within a multi-storey office development in a city centre so there was probably some geopathic stress being picked up on there as well. Without knowing anything about the benefits of Selenite I'd experienced them working.

Both of these examples can be taken into consideration when weighing up whether or not a crystal has any ability to affect or influence our own energy, our thoughts or our emotions because of my lack of knowledge of crystals prior to using them. If something has an effect repeatedly, to my mind, that, in itself, is a form of evidence that the effect is genuine and not as a result of preconceived beliefs. How they do this though I guess is the magic and the mystery.

As I've got older I've started to work with crystals according to their prescribed uses. For example, I occasionally put a Shaman's stone (Lodolite) under my pillow when I want to attempt some lucid dreaming. I keep a dream diary and incorporate some of my visions into guided meditations, I also glean a lot of psychic information from situations I've experienced as well when I use this stone. I don't use them too much though as many crystals won't enhance your ability to sleep well so if you're in need of sleep then placing something like Selenite near your bed or Celestite may more helpful.

To sum up, if you're considering buying crystals I'd suggest that you actually take some time to view images of different ones and sense which ones you feel drawn to. Once you're done this, read up on the benefits or purposes of using this crystal and you will probably find that they link in with what you need to help you with the way you've been feeling, the desires you have about creating something new in life or any illness that may be present in your energy system right now. Always do some research this way because you learn to harness the power of your intuition at the same time or your 'gut' feeling if you prefer.

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