Wellness is a journey, not a destination...and it starts with the mind.

Now, more than ever, focus on wellness is considered to be a necessity rather than a luxury. At some point over the last 60 years it has entered the collective mind that being physically fit is desirable. As a society we are much better informed about where our food comes from and what it contains as well as being able to make choices about where we buy from considering environmental factors and farming methods. We are also able to do our own research into our physical health by accessing studies published online and reading magazines and other publications. And if we don't have the time or patience to research all of these things for ourselves we can pay to join a gym or diet club and follow someone else's instruction in order to loose body fat and improve our strength. Yet, in spite of all of this, many traditional 'wellness' programs fail to create lasting change because they're defined as a destination and not a journey.

Ironically, wellness isn't a goal to be reached or a target to be aimed for, it is something that we should factor into our daily life. This takes the pressure off us having to make huge changes that we're either not really ready to make because they overface us, or feel we don't have the time to make because they require too big a commitment. Taking small steps or doing one thing different every day creates lasting change because it's more manageable to just change one thing in our normal routine and get used to it. Once it becomes a habit we can then build on this and create more changes in the future.

Living well and being healthy is something that begins as a thought process, regardless of whether the desire for this comes in response to preventing or recovering from ill health, external expectations or a deep-seated discomfort within ourselves. If we want to adopt different habits we have to be able to tune into our thoughts and the corresponding feelings more and take a deeper look at what has led us to the point that things have become out of balance in the first place. It isn't wrong to have a goal such as slimming down so you can fit into last year's jeans, or giving up smoking because you don't want to get cancer but you do have to do a bit of digging into what has caused bad eating habits and how to change them or what makes you feel you need to rely on addictive substances and how to find other ways to cope if you want to prevent a relapse and the only thorough way of doing this is to find out what causes the behaviour in the first place. This creates understanding which leads to empowerment and the ability to make effective decisions in the future.

Transform Healing Therapy is one of the best tools I offer as a means of helping you to really lift your energy and transform anything that's holding you back from making the changes that can set you free to create a much healthier life. It is a form of guided meditation but much more than that as you'll find that you are able to see clearly situations and circumstances that have a damaging effect on your self-belief and confidence that create road blocks. Everyone I have worked with is able to access the healing and 'see' aspects of themselves and their lives that are overlooked because we're normally too busy during the day to be able to stand still for long enough and take an objective look at what's happening in our own life. I'm offering taster sessions of Transform Healing for a limited time so that you can trial it and see whether you feel it can help you make some progress in building a healthy, long lasting lifestyle. If you'd like to book a taster session, follow this link to make your booking: https://www.spiritualicious.co.uk/bookings-checkout/transform-healing-taster-session

It hasn't been an easy time for many of us recently, life has had it's own set of unique challenges for virtually everyone and many of us are really triggered about our health and wellness currently because everywhere we look we're overwhelmed with news reports so taking some time to have a few moments where we can thoughtfully recharge and renew ourselves might be something to look forward to as a welcome relief. If you want to try a session of Transform Healing simply to restore yourself then this offer is also open to you. ❤

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