"Just had a one-hour reading with Gina and I can honestly say I was blown away.  I didn't know what to expect as I'd never done anything like this before but Gina managed to hit every nail on the head and really help to provide guidance for me and help me realise a few things!  Thank you so much, I'll definitely be doing one again in the future."   Beth S.

"My reading with Gina was exceptional.  She has a rare emotional intelligence.  She really picked up on the nuances of what was going on in my situations and how my mindset and energy was affecting things.  She relayed a message from my late father which was uncanny.  She has the ability to predict with accuracy, but what she does is actually more valuable than any prediction.  In our last reading she helped me to feel more grounded and to create new goals and working routines from an intuitive place.  I now have greater work/life balance and I think this has actually helped me to make more money".  DTW.

"I would highly recommend Spiritualicous.  I have experienced Transform Healing which was a new experience for me but one which was highly fascinating and gave me a lot to think about.  I have also had Distant Reiki & Soul Guidance.  This was so relaxing and the report which Gina provides was very accurate and personal to me.  I have had numerous Psychic Readings with Gina and she is second-to-none.  Professional, intelligent and insightful readings which always leave me feeling uplifted and positive."  J.M.

"I cannot believe how accurate she has been and what information that she revealed to me which she couldn't possibly know.  She's amazing!  I felt very relaxed and at ease with Gina, she's very genuine and professional.  This is a five star review, absolutely outstanding and I can't recommend her enough, what a gift." Lisa B. 

I have had many readings from Gina over the last few years. They are always structured, and very consistent.  She always picks up what is going on around me including external influences and how I am feeling with great accuracy. The readings are insightful, articulate and intelligent giving guidance and accurately predicting future events with a wonderful warmth and sensitivity. I feel light is shone on my situation  which gives me clarity on how to move forward. I always come away feeling enlightened and empowered. Recently my father passed away and Gina passed information about him with amazing accuracy. The insights into his character were spot on.  I would highly recommend her services.  JEM.

A response from Lisa J.G. to the free one-question answer via the Facebook page:

'Oh my goodness Gina, I'm blown away.  That is so incredibly accurate I'm speechless.  Thank you so, so much. 

Amazing healer! Highly recommend this lady.. she’s the real deal.  Bella D. 

I have had the pleasure of many Reiki healings from Gina.  Twice when I was carrying my two children. Both children were breach and Gina gave me Reiki to help my children turn before i went into labour. It worked  I had two very healthy births I have also completed Reiki 1 with Gina and found the session calming and definitely felt becoming tuned in to the energy. More recently I have experienced a great upheaval in my personal life and Gina has spent time with the angels asking for their help so i can see more clearly and the next steps I need to take in this grieving period. Thank you Gina. you truly are gifted. Emma