We take the privacy of visitors to our site very seriously, as we do those of clients who book services with us.  We take appropriate security measures to safeguard your privacy and protect and manage any personal data you share with us. 

You provide us with personal data when you purchase an item from our online shop and when you book any therapies or psychic readings with us.  This can includes your name, date of birth, address, email address and gender.

You have the option to contact us by email rather than inputting your personal information into this website if you would prefer to purchase an item or therapy this way. 

We use your personal data to post orders out to you and to email you.

We manage and administer your personal data in a manner which is consistent with a duty of professional confidence and the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 

We respect your privacy and take measure to protect your personal information.  

We do not share or sell your personal information with anyone.

Cookies are used on this website to make the site easier to use and to track the traffic patterns of visitors. Websites such as Facebook and Google also issue 3rd party cookies to track your browsing habits as you browse from site to site.  If you are unhappy with this, you should adjust your web browser settings to disallow cookies.   If you do adjust your settings it can have an effect on how well you can view a website.  Otherwise you can clear your search history from your device to remove any cookies after you have visited this website. 

If you decide that you do not want us to retain your data after you have made a purchase or booked therapies, you can contact us by emailing: and request that we remove it which we shall do immediately.